Yet another online portfolio, you say?

That’s right, the perfect chance for me to open my proverbial coat and show off my skills. From art to copywriting, from print to online, from New York to L.A. (with virtual stops at ports around the world), from the pinnacle of sophistication (Vogue) to the boundary-breaking heights of the nation’s No. 1 public university (UCLA), these samples provide a glimpse at what I can do along with a good look at my personality, including my unwavering attention to detail (I did all the copyediting, too). A former boss gave me the nickname “Eagle Eye” for a reason!

Please enjoy, get in touch if you have any questions and don’t be shy if you’re in search of a freelancer. No copy challenge is too big or too small, and I’d be thrilled to point my creative talenta in new directions.


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